Spring Break

garden activities

Apart from regular virtual programs, Dovercourt held its annual Spring Break Camp, this time virtually! During the week of Monday April 12 to Friday April 26, 2021; members participated in virtual art and garden camps which included beginner and advanced sessions. During the week-long camp, members learned the basics of planting, tending seeds, miniature gardens and creating ornaments. Each member planted their very own “fairy garden” or a miniature garden with flowers, grass, and fairytale ornaments.

Spring Break Camp began with members planning how they wanted their fairy gardens to appear. After, members painted the homes and fences of their garden. During this process, they learned preparing soil and pots before planting flowers; Nasturtiums, Cosmos and Morning Glories! Campers didn’t just stop here. To finish the garden, decorative rocks and sticks were placed in and around the space.

Members also built Tissue Box TVs by creating a structured box TV, story templates, and a “background,” for their story reels to be played. Spring Break Camp was concluded with landscape paintings and freehand bouquet still life. After completing both or either Art or Garden programs, members received a certificate of completion.

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