After School Program

The After School Program is funded by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport which runs at various locations, including:

  • St. Vincent de Paul Catholic School - Spots available
  • St. Paul VI Catholic School - Spots available
  • Alexander Muir/Gladstone Ave Junior and Senior Public School - 3 Spots left
  • St. Matthew Catholic School - 3 Spots left
  • St. Luigi Catholic School - Spots available
  • Perth Public School - FULL

Before Participating in the After School Program at Junction Triangle Clubhouse, you must register as a member. Members of all ages have access to different types of activities on a daily basis in this program. This includes athletics, arts and crafts, and drama

The After School Program runs from 3:30 to 6:00 pm, Monday - Friday

Program Cost (MTCS)

Listed below are the monthly fees for the 2021/2022 school year for the After School Program at Dovercourt Clubhouse and Junction Triangle Clubhouse: 

September 2021 $100.00
October 2021 $100.00
November 2021 $100.00
December 2021 $75.00
January 2022 $100.00
February 2022 $100.00
March 2022 $75.00
April 2022 $100.00
May 2022 $100.00
June 2022 $75.00

Program Cost (Non-MTCS)

Membership Fee $40.00
Program per day $15.00

Non-MTCS schools: 

  • St. Vincent De Paul Catholic School
  • St. Matthew Catholic School

Please note: Junction Triangle Clubhouse members are welcome to join our Character Development and Aquatics programs at our Dovercourt Clubhouse (main site) location. 

Membership Application Form:

Membership Application form 2021-22

After School Program Operational Procedures

January Program Calendar


Alexander Muir/Gladstone Avenue Junior and Senior Public School

108 Gladstone Ave, Toronto, ON M6J 3L2
Membership: $40.00/year
ASP fees: $100.00/Month
December/March/June: $75.00

Perth Avenue Junior Public School

14 Ruskin Ave, Toronto, ON M6P 3P8
Membership: $40.00/year
ASP Fees: $100.00/month
December/March/June: $75.00

St. Paul VI Catholic School

270 Laughton Ave, Toronto ON M6N 2X8
Membership: $40.00/year
ASP fees: $100.00/month
December/March/June: $75.00
JK to SK: $17.00/Day

St. Luigi Catholic School

2 Ruskin Ave, Toronto, ON M6P 3P8
Membership: $40.00/year
ASP fee: $100.00/month
December/March/June: $75.00

St. Matthew Catholic School

18 Lavender Rd, York, ON M6N 2B5
Membership: $40.00/year
Grade 1 and up: $ 15.00 or $ 17.00 per day

After School Program Hours

Monday to Friday, 3:00PM - 6:00PM


JTC After School Program Director: Tony

JTC After School Program Supervisor: Remi

After School Program 

Membership Application form 2020/21

Key Dates

Character Development Program begins: Monday January 10, 2022

After School Program resumes: Monday January 17, 2022

Family Day: Monday February 21, 2022

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