Teen Program

Teen Program

About the Program


The Youth Program is specifically designed for anyone twelve years of age and up. 

The Youth Program focuses on career exploration, skills development, lifestyle activities, and community involvement, all while having a great time in a safe and welcoming environment. With such focus being made throughout the program, all skills acquired can be carried into the future. All activities are planned and organized to ensure that all Youth receive the best programs possible to inspire them and help them grow. They will be able to recognize and use different skills to enable them to pursue post-secondary education as well as be job ready for the future. 

Core Values

  • Respect all members
  • Listen to all staff
  • No Fighting 
  • Inclusion and Opportunity 


Cooking Class In this program youth are able to learn the basic skills needed in the kitchen to be able to prepare a delicious healthy meal.
Sports A sports encourages youth to talk sports, watch sports videos and demonstrate their skills in activities.
Computer Skills Youth will learn about basic computer skills that will help them in the future.

Through this program youths will be able to learn to create resumes that will enable them to apply or volunteer for jobs.
Leadership The Youth Program is all about leadership and developing skills that are useful for future use.

All programs offered to youths are leadership based. It gives youth an idea of what leadership is and how to be a leader, all while enjoying themselves.

Leadership in Training = Counselor in Training = Staff
Comic Club Youth will be able to enjoy reading/ discussing various themes associated with comic books and storytelling.

This will also encourage the use of imagination and after school reading.
Teen Film Classes Teens will be able to explore, create and edit short films.

Teen’s will benefit from having total creative control of their art and can encourage the use of imagination.

Program Hours

Monday to Friday, 5 - 7 pm


If you are interested in this program, please send us an email


Program included with membership

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