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Through the year, BGC Dovercourt Club offers numerous adult, youth and children swim programs. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the Club has halted on the aquatic programs listed below. As of July 27, 2021, the Club is only offering Summer Swimming lessons under COVID-19 policies and procedures. For updates on the aquatic programs, please continue to check our website and social media. 

BGC Dovercourt Club Swim Team: Does your child love to swim? Have them join our swim team! Participants will develop stroke efficiency while building their endurance and fitness levels, along with learning, racing techniques, drills and flip turns. If your child has completed Swim Kids 6 or equivalent, give it a try! 

AQUAFIT: A great total body workout for all ages and fitness levels in the pool. Classes focus on: 

  • Cardio
  • Strengthening
  • Flexibility
  • Increasing endurance with minimal or zero impacts on joints 

Participants must be comfortable in shallow water or deep water with a belt or a noodle. 

*Registration is required and all participants must have a BGC Dovercourt Club Membership. 

ADULT LANE SWIM: Feel energized by swimming laps. Various days and times are available to meet everyone's schedules. Participants need to purchase one of our swim passes:

  • $30/10 Visit Swim Pass
  • $50/20 Visit Swim Pass
  • $100/Unlimited Visit Swim Pass

*All Participants must have BGC Dovercourt Club Membership. 

MASTERS SWIM: This new program will develop your endurance and/or train you for a race through an instructor-led swim workout. 

PARENT & TOT LESSONS: Designated Swim time for parents/guardians and their tot (4 years old and under). You and your tot will work with an instructor learning floats, glides, submersions' and generally becoming comfortable in the water through songs and games. 

*Registration is required prior to attendance. All participants (parent/guardian + child) must have a BGC Dovercourt Club Membership. 

CLUB SWIM: Pre-scheduled Swim Program for our After School Program children. 

DAYCARE SWIM: Pre-scheduled swim program or lessons for our Kids Korner Daycare children. Registration is required for Daycare Swim Lessons. 

Prices per Session
BGC Dovercourt  Swim Team $125 per 10 classes
Aquafit $60 per 10 classes $100 per 20 classes
Lane Swim $30 per 10 swims $50 per 20 swims
Masters Swim

Parent & Tot Lessons
$125 once per week

$120 per session
$180 twice per week

*Tuesday Mornings Only

Programs included with Club Membership:

  • Club Swim
  • Member Swim

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