Fundraiser for Rebekah Roblin

Fundraiser for Rebekah Roblin

We are honored to have had the opportunity to support Tyndale University student, Rebekah Roblin's overseas program in Lilongwe, Malawi with Disabled Women in Africa (DIWA).

Bake Sale Fundraiser

DIWA is a nongovernmental organization registered in Malawi that works with women and girls with disabilities. DIWA's vision is to see "Malawian women and girls with disabilities enjoy their rights, influence their destiny and are free fro any gender and disability based discrimination." DIWA has a passion to empower African women and girls with disabilities in Africa through research, information sharing, networking, lobbying for their rights, supporting their empowerment and ensuring they are free from any gender and disability-based discrimination. Take a look at these beautiful photos captured by Rebekah in Malawi!



We thank supporters in advance for their donations and encouragement.

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