Dovercourt Clubhouse

Dovercourt Clubhouse

Dovercourt Clubhouse is committed to achieving core programming and outcomes as outlined by Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada.

Core programming features includes:
      • Physical activity, health and safety
      • Leadership, growth and empowerment
      • Learning and career development
      • Families and communities

Short- term outcomes of programming include:
      • Children and youth are emotionally and physically safe
      • Children and youth feel welcomed, accepted, valued and respected
      • Children and youth enjoy exploring new opportunities
      • Programs build relevant skills for children and youth
      • Community, parents, children and youth are engaged in Clubs and feel ownership over programs

Mid- term outcomes of programming include:
      • Children and youth are healthy, active and safe
      • Children and youth are connected to peers, parents, school and community
      • Children and youth have key academic vocational and recreational skills
      • Children and youth have confidence in their aspirations


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